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Unpublished Manuscripts Database Search

This searchable database lists unpublished manuscripts housed in the Section of Archaeology at The State Museum of Pennsylvania. Over 1200 titles are listed, including reports of grant-funded projects, cultural resource management projects, and a wide variety of general research reports.

To schedule a visit and access a manuscript, contact:

David Burke
Curatorial Assistant


Elizabeth Wagner
Curatorial Assistant

When requesting access to a manuscript, please provide, at a minimum, the manuscript number (MS Number) and all the authors' last names. There is a fee associated with Xeroxing of manuscripts at a rate of $.25 per page. Sensitive information such as site locations and collector information may be withheld.

How to search:

Each search will return a summary list of reports.  Click on any report for more details.  Too broad a search will be slow and return an extensive list.

Warning: This page requires popups to be turned on for all functionality to work.

1. Search data by:

2. Enter keywords:

By Keyword:  1. Select All; 2. Enter keywords, searches all fields; 3. You may select a county to narrow the search; 4. You may check one or more topics to narrow the search.

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